Measuring Components for force / displacement / strain / torque / speed

Measuring amplifiers for laboratory and field use, with various interfaces.
WLAN, process measured data locally,or send to the cloud server
mobile network
GSM data packet,
or SMS transmission
IoT / Device Cloud
Database connectivity
remote monitoring
IoT / Device Cloud / Remote - Monitoring :
measuring amplifier with Wi-Fi, or GSM interface allow data transfer to a cloud - servers,
via WLAN - router or mobile network (3G)
Measurement data acquisition for static and dynamic measurements :
With little configuration aufzeichen measurements, tabulate and graphically, or directly into existing certificates and acceptance - integrate protocols.

Application of strain gauges and order measurements

More than 20 years of experience in dealing with strain gauges on various support materials, processed with hot or cold cured adhesive. For experimental stress analysis, or customized sensor applications.

Weighing technology from UTILCELL

Load cells, mounting aids, mounting accessories and weighing electronics, for applications :

• scales :
   - retail scales, body scales, industrial scales, pallet scales, animal scales, truck and railway scales.
• mechanical engineering:
   - filling and packaging machines, bagging machines, sorting machines, transportation and lifting vehicles.
• process weighing :
   - weighing of tanks, reactors and silos, control, metering and mixing.
   - engineering, automation and industrial control.
• for test facilities and equipment for quality control.
• for special designs and customized products.