2 channel fullbridge / incremental encoder amplifier

force / displacement measurements with incremental sensors
measuring of bridge output voltage ratio [mV/V/]
linear multi-point scaling with 11 points, or
polynomial with 4 constants
speed ​​and angle measurements with rotary sensors
torque / speed measurements with reflective sensors
on moving / rotating objects with WLAN transmission

supports strain gauge bridges in 6 - wire technology
accuracy class 0.02%
bridge supply voltage 5V DC

gross / net / tare
positive / negative peak memory
measurement value [mV/V]

incremental (linear / rotary), or reflective sensors
linear mode :
   displacement, speed, acceleration
rotary mode :
   speed, acceleration
   number of turns, rotation angle in °, oder °,',"
reflective mode :
   measuring range 0.6...20'000min⁻¹, State

positive / negative peak memory
8pcs.of limit switch pairs choosabel to the output channels

aviable with USB 2.0 interface
aviable with WLAN interface

aluminum casing 80 * 64 * 30mm
supply voltage 6.5 ... 13.5VDC, <150mA USB, <250mA WLAN